On one of the last few days of summer, I spent the evening with Erica and Kevin. They had an intimate wedding at the top of Wickham Park in Manchester, overlooking a hazy skyline of Hartford. For a few minutes I got all caught up in their bright yellow and aqua details, their personalized wine bottles, and the elegant florals on the tables! It was a scorching day but no one seemed to mind because these two were so much fun and they incorporated so many special touches into their day. Kevin’s nieces and Erica’s nephews both helped with the presentation of the rings during the ceremony and were standing with them in support as they said their vows. It was a unique and special touch that was super sweet to witness as they pledged their love for each other. Even Erica’s pug Percy wore a bow tie and appeared in the ceremony! Maybe it’s the fact that my own pug Milo is so close to my heart, but I was totally taken by Percy – he was so dapper and just trotted around the whole evening at Erica’s feet!

The great thing about Wickham Park is that there are tons of beautiful and quiet spots to sneak into and take photos, without ever leaving the park. We went off and found a few pretty nooks and crannies, and then got Erica and Kevin back to enjoy the last part of their cocktail hour.


Congratulations Erica & Kevin!




  1. Julie says:

    these are so pretty lynne! i love all of the prett details, and the pup! great job!

  2. Jean says:

    Wonderful shots, Lynne! That pug is adorable and your pictures are terrific! Great detail shots, too.

  3. Heather McAllister Tille says:

    Your look both happy and beautiful. Congratulations! These are wonderful photographs.


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