I always have so much fun with the McNamar’s when I photograph them. And it has been my privilege to document their family for the last few years. They have seriously adorable children who are always ready for pictures and full of energy for our session. And they happen to live on a lake so the backyard is an endlessly amazing place for photos. It can be difficult to return to a place with the same people again and again and try ┬áto find new and different ways to see things. It’s not like taking a new couple to the same place I have been before, where at least it is new to them. This really pushes me to try and see things diffeently, to get creative, and to focus on the people, not just rely on the setting (even if the setting is a great one!).
The McNamar’s love for each other shines through every time and they make my job an easy one. Last year I came out for a session and they took pictures reading together, this year they focused on math and science. I can’t tell you how much I love that they stress the value of education and want to capture that in their pictures – it is awesome. But some of my favorite images from the day are the ones where laughter abounds, a tickle-fight breaks out, or snuggles and kisses are plentiful. Thank you for another amazing afternoon!



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