Oh my goodness. This session was truly so much fun. Not only is Rachel a fabulous young woman who loves to laugh, but she unwittingly pushed me out of my comfort zone on this shoot and I could not be more thrilled with the results. I am a shade-seeker. On those bright afternoons when the sun is beating down, I automatically look for a shady spot that will give flattering light for my clients. Shade is also totally my comfort zone, I work the shade easily and I like what I get. Rachel’s session was no exception, the bright fall foliage gave some great shade for some of our photos, in fact some of my favories are the first series where Rachel was in the shade and I was safe in my comfort zone.
However, there was this huge overgrown field basking in direct bright sunlight that Rachel really liked. And there was a dirt road under the same super sunny conditions. Well, I was not about to let her down, so she put on some adorable rain boots and made her way into the overgrown mass while I got to work. I knew it was a good move almost immediately and I couldn’t help but share my excitement for what I was getting with Rachel and her mom. This gave an amazing energy to our session and I truly adore how these images came out. I am psyched that I trusted in myself and Rachel’s enthusiasm. Lesson learned. It is definitely worth pushing yourself out of that “zone” every now and then.

Rachel! You are a gorgeous young woman! Your passion for dance and for life and for laughter is absolutely infectious! Best of luck with your senior year!



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