Andrea and Scotty are so into each other. You can feel how much they love each just being near them. And once they started snuggling their expressions changed completely as they focused on each other and I’m pretty sure they almost forgot all about me!

We met in Little Compton, RI for their engagement session and my jaw dropped at what a beautiful place it was. The rocky beach, the craggy hillside, the grasses and beach greenery, the sunset – it was stunning. But what really made the place the best spot for their session was how special it was to Scotty. He spent his summers growing  up going to that very beach with his family. When he was little, he played along the shoreline with his siblings while his father fished, and as he got older, he spent his time fishing alongside his dad. He recently remembered the spot and brought Andrea and their son Connor there for the first time. And now they are looking forward to summer evenings as a family on the very same beach and giving Connor the same lovely memories that Scotty has from his childhood.

The spot was beautiful anyway, but the fact that it is a place so special to them is what really made it the perfect choice. As you decide where to have your portraits or engagement photos taken, the best locations are the ones the most meaningful to you. You won’t just look back at those images and think about the hour or two you spent there with your photographer, you’ll look at them and remember your first kiss, your childhood, your first date, your life together.

Andrea and Scotty I had a wonderful time witnessing the love you have for each other and that you share for Connor. I am so looking forward to your wedding next year!


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