At the start of July, I gathered my photography gear and my husband and jetted off to CA to capture the wedding weekend of Brynne and Grant. It was an amazing combo of three of my favorite things: my hubby, travel to a new place, and wedding photography! Brynne and Grant’s celebrations took place in Napa at the stunning Mont La Salle Retreat Center. It was my first time in Napa Valley and I get it. I totally get why people live there. I’m plotting my next visit and maybe my eventual retirement there – as I type this! It was stunningly beautiful. The rolling hills of vineyards, the gorgeous sunshine, the crisp evenings and mornings that gave way to warm days and perfect afternoons for strolling a vineyard and wine tasting al fresco. Yeah. I’m sold. 

But really, I was there on business – to capture the amazing love that Brynne and Grant share for each other and the warmth and support that their family and friends shared all weekend long, after gathering from around the country, for their destination wedding in Napa. It was a tough job but you know how it goes – someone had to do it 😉

The wedding is soon to make it’s appearance on the blog, but for now, I’m sharing the laughter, tears, and love that enveloped Brynne and Grant for their rehearsal dinner. There is something extra special about the rehearsal when you are holding it at destination that most everyone is traveling to. You see many of your guests before the wedding day, you get more time with those you love most, the hugs seem tighter, and there are more tears of joy as family and friends join together for a weekend full of celebration. It was a blessing to be part of and bear witness to the love and happiness that marked their entire wedding weekend. So cheers to the happy couple and to a taste of how special the whole wedding weekend is! Love you both! XO


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