I was a history major and then a history teacher for ten years, so needless to say, I really love a wedding  that takes place at mansion or estate that has lots of architectural personality and its own interesting history. And the Commander’s Mansion is definitely historic, architecturally interesting, and has beautiful grounds and a permanent tent to boot! 

So a bit of history to follow but it is a really interesting story for history buffs like me so I encourage you to go to their website and read the full history of the mansion and it’s contentious original tenant, Commander Rodman! For now, I’ll share that it was begun in 1865 and that Rodman was under scrutiny from the start because the cost of building the home was projected to cost an exorbitant sum (at the time) of $100,000. Rodman was under scrutiny for some other issues related to the Civil War as well. The mansion ended up coming in at just over $63,000 and that was still quite an expense for the time. The results are an ornate and beautiful home with high ceilings, tall windows, and tons of character inside and out! 


There is a bridal suite and a grooms suite upstairs so couples can get ready on site if they choose or can sneak away for a private toast! 

The enclosed courtyard gets beautiful afternoon sun and they offer multiple ceremony setups within the space.

The grounds are beautiful and there are endless spaces for portraits.

In case of rain, or even on a sunny day, the first floor is a beautiful space for cocktail hour. It has detailed finishes, a oil paintings on the walls, and tall windows that let in lots of natural light.

The tent is elegant, spacious, and directly adjacent to the mansion making it accessible for all guests.

The mansion is impressive lit up at night as well and leaves a beautiful impression on guests as the head home.


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