Miriam and Andrew met in Kindergarten in Texas. Yup – Kindergarten! They showed me the two of them in their class photo all adorable and tiny. And then they didn’t grow up as friends but met and figured out their Kindergarten meeting years later as adults. The universe certainly had plans for them to find each other!

And these two are absolutely soulmates. They make each other crack up laughing, they love hiking and being in nature, they both love science, and they even wore matching T-shirts for their engagement session. They are planning a wedding full of inspiration from nature and I’m so looking forward to capturing their wedding at the Bradley Estate later this summer. So it makes sense that for their engagement photos they chose Ward Reservation. Not only do the trails and views offer an incredible opportunities for photos, Andrew actually popped the question at Elephant Rock, a site at the top of a hill at Ward Reservation basically perfect for proposals! So the reservation and the hiking was meaningful to them as a symbol of their love of nature, as well as sentimental for being the spot the got engaged. And it was a beautiful sunny day with gorgeous light to boot. That is pretty perfect place for engagement portraits if you ask me! 

Now that you’ve indulged in the laughter and love of Miriam and Andrew during their engagement photos at Ward Reservation, what would you like to do next? 

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