Allegra is a dear friend of mine and an incredibly talented photographer. We met when she moved to CT from Boston, just a year or so before I moved to Boston from Boston! We met initially as two CT photographers and quickly developed a friendship that reached beyond talking shop and shooting together, although we still work together as often as we can. So I was incredibly honored and excited when she asked me and our friend Jazzy, of Jasmine Tara Photography, to photograph her wedding together!

She and Steve are high school sweethearts who are still so giddily in love with each other that watching them you’d think they just started dating and are in that honeymoon faze. But the truth is that they are best friends and have been for years. Their love is as strong as it is silly. And they wanted their wedding to be all about celebrating together as soulmates. 

Getting Ready: Family Heirlooms

Allegra had so many special touches that were personal and sentimental and made the day extra special. She wore her grandmother’s vintage 1940’s wedding dress for her first look and for the ceremony. she also wore her mother’s earrings. And she brought along the sweetest cake topper for some photos. It was a bit too fragile and precious to put on a cake, but it was perfect for her bridal details as it was her grandparents cake topper from their wedding. I started with Allegra to say hi and capture her details as she got her hair and makeup finished up. The talented Susan of Wild Honey Face and Body Suite did her makeup and Sabrina from Allure Traveling Beauty made her tresses look beautiful. Then Jazzy went along with Allegra to Rose’s Berry Farm where she put on her dress and I went over to capture Steve getting ready. Steve had his own special pieces too. He wore a suit custom-made for the wedding, complete with the wedding date sewn into the inside breast pocket right over his heart.

First Look

Allegra and Steve really wanted to enjoy every minute of their wedding day celebration with friends and family, and with Allegra being on the other side of the camera so much, she knew that a first look was the best way to make sure she got straight to the party! The apple orchards at Rose’s Berry Farm were the perfect backdrop for their first look – surrounded by lush green trees and soft grass so Allegra could go barefoot and fancy free! She didn’t actually put her shoes on all day and she loved every barefoot minute of it! Steve was so excited to see Allegra that I’m surprised he didn’t run to her. One of the best things about their relationship is how comfortable, silly, and playful they are with each other. They make each other smile and laugh constantly and their first look was no exception. From they laid eyes on each other they were all smiles and laughter.

Family and Bridal Party Portraits

Allegra’s sister and her family flew in from Australia for her wedding and to serve as her maid of honor. And Steve’s good friend served as best man. And the adorable flower girl and ring bearer were a niece and nephew. The small wedding party of close friends and family made for a really intimate and beautiful day focused on the love that Steve and Allegra share. 

Ceremony: Saying I Do!

Since Allegra was wearing her Grandmother’s dress for the ceremony, she and Steve had their officiant announce that she was wearing it, along with a sweet moment of honor to Allegra’s Grandmother, at the start of the ceremony. They also had their officiant ask guests to put their cameras and phones away and to be fully present with them in the ceremony. As a photographer, Allegra has seen a lot of wedding ceremonies and knew she wanted to see smiling faces looking up at her, not cell phone screens, when she said I do. I absolutely love that they decided to have an unplugged ceremony and you can read more about why they are a wonderful idea and how to have one in this blog post I wrote about unplugged weddings right here.

Reception: Time To Party!

After the ceremony Allegra changed into a modern Alexandra Grecco slip dress with a low back from Everthine Bridal that was absolutely stunning. And she and Steve enjoyed every second of their cocktail hour with their guests. It was a temperate day filled with sunshine and guests were able to enjoy the sunshine during the al fresco cocktail hour. They then moved into the tent for the first dance and dinner. The florals were beautiful and done by Lynne Galvin, a family friend. And the sweet table numbers were by Good Will Fonting, a local company launched by one of Allegra’s past brides. Another wonderfully different choice Allegra and Steve made was to have their first dance be one for all guests to participate in. So they were surrounded by clapping, dancing, smiling loved ones on the dance floor as the had their first dance together. Of course, the musical stylings of their band from Live Music Pros helped get people on the dance floor too! Dinner was delicious and fit their low-key vibe. They had the yummy Spanish cuisine of Mercado Food Truck! The truck set up next to the tent and put out a beautiful spread of fresh food, including GIANT skillets of paella!

Golden Hour Couple’s Portraits

Just before sunset we grabbed Steve and Allegra for a few more portraits during that golden hour when the light is warm and glowy as it sets. They kept up the dancing and snuggling and I’m so excited for these final shots from the night. Taking just 10 minutes to step away from the party and spend time together at golden hour (which is really only about 15 minutes anyway!) is absolutely worth it. And it let them take a deep breath and slow down for a few minutes to dwell on the fact that they were now husband and wife.

Congratulations Steve and Allegra! I love you two and am so happy for you!! XO


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