Planning a wedding can often get stressful because it includes so many small details. You make a lot of the big decisions up front and they are stressful because they shape the look and feel of your day. But the small details that must be decided later in the process are also important and there are a ton of them! One of the areas that is especially fun to plan, but also includes decision-making galore, is choosing bridal party gifts to show your love and appreciation for the friends and family who will be by your side throughout the day, and more importantly have been with you throughout the life you’re building together. And there are so many fun ideas and new trends for spoiling your bridal party!  But I’m a sucker for the classics, and I know my husband.

So when Groovy Guy Gifts sent me their personalized “flawless flask” in a decorative wooden box, I knew I needed to share about it. Because this flask is officially “Husband Approved”!

Some of Scott’s favorite things about it include:

1) He loves the engraved wooden box that it comes in. The personalization and the nice grain on the box make them feel higher end, even though they are quite affordable.

2) The funnel that’s included with it! This is apparently one of the most helpful things he’s seen. It makes filling the flask much easier, especially, and I quote “because many whiskey bottles have wider spouts and it can hard to pour a thin stream into the flask from a heavy bottle”.

3) The cap is attached with a little arm and that is helpful for making sure you don’t misplace it – rendering your flask useless. No worries here!

4) Last but not least, and this may be obvious, but Scott loved that it holds alcohol, so there’s that! lol!

The one thing he mentioned that he wished were different is that the metal arm keeping the cap attached moves up and down a bit even when the flask is closed tightly. This means it rattles a bit when it’s closed. But that won’t matter when it’s tucked safely away in a jacket pocket. And while the velvet lining inside is nice, it would be great if it came in colors other than black to match your wedding, but maybe they’ll add that feature soon!

For me, I like that the flask comes in a brushed metal finish and that you can add up to five lines of text to the flask itself. I kept it classic and simple by only putting Scott’s name on it, but you could add a wedding date or a short quote to make it more meaningful as well. And maybe this is the type-A, tight space, apartment-living side of me, but I think that after the wedding, while the flask may end up in a kitchen cabinet, the velvet-lined box is a stylish storage container for holding tie clips, cuff links, pocket squares, extra buttons, and the other small items guys need to complete a polished look.

So what you think?! Is this the answer to one of the many decisions you need to make?! How would you personalize each flask? Just the name of the groomsmen or your wedding date too? Or something else?! I’d love to know your thoughts!



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