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New Wedding Creatives - this one's for you!

5 strategies to fill your calendar

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Booking your first clients is often the hardest hurdle to get over. From there, things will start to flow. But how do you find and book those first clients?

Inside the guide you'll find: The exact five strategies I used to build my own business when I was just starting out. Each strategy works and they're all simple enough for you to start implementing right now in your business. Download the guide and start filling your calendar with wedding bookings!

as a new wedding pro

Wedding days are so much fun and brimming with beautiful details and emotional moments to document. They're also the most important day in your clients' lives. Along with the honor of being welcomed into those intimate moments, comes a whole lot of responsibility to be at our best. Learning this craft and this business is a process and it can be a lonely one. I believe in being a lifelong learner and that the first step to growth is giving yourself permission to admit you don't have all the answers. There are no stupid questions and there are often multiple good answers. Sharing knowledge generously, providing examples, and getting specific is essential. This journey is easier and growth happens faster when you can share and learn from someone who's stood where you've stood, faced the same challenges, and found a way forward.

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Teaching philosophy

“There are five important things for living a successful and fulfilling life: never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and                               

― Roy Bennett

never stop learning."

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Couples are using Instagram more than ever before to plan their weddings and find their wedding vendors. This means that as a wedding creative, you have the opportunity to be found by your ideal clients, just from being intentional with how you post on Instagram! This guide lays out a simple highly effective formula for creating location-specific hashtags that will get you found, followed, and booked by clients getting married in your area.

-Three main types of location based hashtags 
-17 hashtag formulas you can fill in and use immediately
-Tips on using geo locations to further your exposure

location-based hashtags guide to book more weddings

Wedding expos are a great way to get your name out there and get in front of brides if you're newer to the wedding industry or branching out into a new city! This guide walks you through everything you need to know before, during, and after the expo to help you connect with and book the couples you meet at the expo.

-How to pick the right expo to invest in
-What you need for a booth that will attract passers-by
-How to craft a giveaway that brides will love
-What to invest in and what to skip so you get the best ROI
-How to follow up for the highest possible booking rate
-Detailed Wedding Expo Packing Checklist, and more!

How to book couples from a wedding expo

Create buzz and name recognition for your business by hosting a giveaway on Instagram! Everyone loves to win something and if done right, a giveaway can help build your following of ideal potential clients and raving fans. The 6 steps in this guide break down the process to help you host a successful social media giveaway.

-Picking the right prize
-The exact 3 steps to have people complete in order to enter
-The easiest way to compile entries and pick a winner
-How to make the most of the buzz you create

6 Steps To Host A Successful Social Media Giveaway

As wedding pros we know that one key to beautiful photos and lasting memories from a couple's wedding is to have an unplugged ceremony. Going unplugged invites guests to be fully present and leaves the aisle and sight lines clear for the pros to capture the first kiss and heartfelt vows. This guide will help you clearly share the value of an unplugged ceremony with your couple and provide them with the perfect wording to get their guests to put down their phones and focus on being in the moment. 

-Fully customizable Photoshop files so you can match your brand and easily swap in your own images (photoshop files only - not for use in InDesign)
-Three pages of content with a professional modern design 
-Professional copy that's ready for sharing with your couples or that can be tweaked as you wish
-A clear explanation of what an unplugged wedding is and why it's great for couples
-Seven different ideas to help couples tell guests about going unplugged
-Two different versions (one long and one short) of exact wording to use to make going unplugged easy

Unplugged Wedding ceremony GUIDE TEMPLATE 

Make editing your styled flat lays a breeze!

With this one-click editing solution, you'll be able to create light and bright images of all of your styled flat lay photos from stationery, to bridal details, to florals, and jewelry in seconds!

one-click flat lay preset
for lightroom  






Get all three digital guides to help you strategically improve your sales and engagement strategies online and make the best possible impression at your next wedding expo. Start attracting your ideal couples and book more weddings! Save $7 when you buy the bundle. That's like getting the Location-Based Hashtags Guide or the Social Media Giveaway Guide for free!

-Location-Based Hashtags Guide
-Wedding Expo Guide
-Social Media Giveaway Guide

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Just one or two areas you’d like to focus on or have something you’d love advice on? Come to my home, meet me for coffee, or hop on a call. No matter how we connect, you'll get answers to your burning questions.

*fee for travel beyond 10 miles of Dorchester

Choose one of three topics to address in-depth over the course of three hours together. Each intensive is crafted to address a specific challenge in your business. Choose to dive deep into Copywriting, Client Experience, or Workflows. You'll leave with helpful resources and action steps.

Looking for ongoing support and accountability, as well as answers to burning questions? Ongoing mentorship is a powerful way to take your business to the next level with focused goal setting and accountability via four sessions. Start with a goal setting session. Then follow up with three 1-hour accountability sessions held over the next year, along with unlimited email access between sessions.

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