If you’re growing a small business as a wedding pro, and often feel like you’re spinning your wheels trying to grow and do everything yourself…then today is for you!

I am sharing my Top 5 Tools for streamlining your workflow. 

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As wedding creatives, you have a LOT on your plate. Yes, you love helping couples celebrate their most important day and creating beautiful and memorable moments is what lights you up.. But you’re also running the operation of a full business. That includes client experience, finances, marketing, sales…just to name a few! Having systems for this backend work is vital if you want to grow. Otherwise you’ll waste time doing the same things over & over, when they could be automated. 

There are some great tools out there to make your business operations faster & more efficient so that you can focus on business growth, and who doesn’t want that? 

There are also lots of options, so I’ve rounded up my tried and true top 5 tools for streamlining your workflow: 

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  1. 17 Hats: If you really want to scale your business in a manageable way, you need a CRM. It stands for “Customer Relationship Management”, and it’s an online hub where you can streamline your entire client process from beginning to end. I use 17Hats for mine, and love how I can track every step of the way with each client automatically. Talk about streamlining your workflow!

On the backend of things I love being able to automate reminders, use email templates & track financial data. And for my clients – they have a portal where they can easily access their contracts, invoices & questionnaires I’ve sent along the way. It is a really professional & experience for your clients. And a transformative tool for any photographer.

I do have a referral code for 50% off too! You can access it here.

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  1. Canva: Even though as a photographer I have powerful design software like Photoshop, I still use Canva for most of my design work. It’s so simple & intuitive! There are so many good fonts & templates, you can drag and drop most designs. I use it for my educational templates, social graphics, sales flyers etc. It’s a great way to create branding consistency across multiple platforms. You can also export your files in many formats including Jpeg & PDF. It’s completely free for all of those features, or you can upgrade for additional features.
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  1. Tailwind for Pinterest: Pinterest is one of my biggest traffic generators, after Google. And Tailwind is how I make it all possible. With a little bit of scheduling in Tailwind, I can have pins automatically pinning behind the scene all month long without having to lift a finger again on my end. You can schedule straight from your blog or create custom graphics in Canva & schedule them via Tailwind. Either way, it’s a great option for growing brand awareness & getting more inquiries without taking up a lot of time. It also offers options like Tribes, a chrome plug-in, & smart loops so you really can have a powerhouse working in the background with just a few minutes of work a month. 
Blue house for a wedding venue by Cape Cod Wedding photographer, Lynne Reznick.

The last two tools to streamline your workflow are included on my free downloadable PDF about this same topic! 

They are good ones, you won’t want to miss out! And then you will have the PDF for easy access as you set up these systems within your business. 

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