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Elevate your business by transforming how you attract, serve, and delight your ideal couples. 

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    That's why you got into this crazy, wonderful wedding world to begin with – client experience matters to you. 

    The weekends away at weddings, blurred lines between home and work, and long hours at your desk are worth it because this is your dream career – not just some job where you clock in and out.

    You want to be more than just another wedding vendor to your clients – you want them to count on you, value you, and rely on you. Your mission is to cultivate a feeling of comfort and trust so that by the time their wedding arrives, your couples feel more like friends than clients.

    You know you've done your job right when your clients are so thrilled and wowed by the amazing experience you've provided, they can't help but shout from the rooftops about how great you are! 

    You adore people, their love stories, + special moments.

    You have the best of intentions, but when busy season hits, all bets are off. With a wedding each weekend, it feels impossible to deliver a consistent white-glove experience to every client – you're barely sleeping as it is!

    You connect with your clients a few times before the wedding, but you don't know what information they need. You're eager to implement additional touch points, but you're at a loss when deciding what those should be. 

    The elevated experience you envision comes with a hefty price tag. How can you shower your clients with gifts when your cash flow remains tight?

    Even with all the time you spend working, it's easy to feel like you're failing to give your best to your couples.

    Do any (or maybe all) of these struggles resonate with you?




    Instead, I want to help you...

    *trust your expertise as a wedding vendor

    *create systems that you'll actually use


    *spoil your couples without spending lots more money

    *work smarter so you can spend more time with your loved ones

    Hi Lynne,

    These are absolutely beautiful. You did an amazing job! We cannot thank you enough for your flexibility and help throughout this whole wedding process. You really went above and beyond. We will be sure to refer you to any of our friends getting married. We also hope to work with you again in the future for family photos and other life events! Thank you again for everything, and we hope you are doing well.

    Thank you,
    Shannon & Dustin 

    Because it's the best feeling in the world to get emails like these...

    This was an amazing course! As someone who truly wants to serve and show appreciation to my clients, this course was a game changer for my new business. The client academy really shaped my entire client experience and the structure I’ve created for my business, which I can see in all of the positive reviews/testimonials that I receive from my own couples. I truly believe it's going to up-level my business more quickly.

    -Marilyn, Wedding Calligrapher

    hi, I'm lynne

    Former teacher turned wedding photographer, I love my job because of the connections I make with truly amazing people and the opportunity to enhance this special time in their lives. You could say I'm passionate about creating unforgettable client experiences! I'm constantly looking for ways to attract my ideal couples and make this season of their lives even more treasured and memorable. My favorite achievement is my reputation for going above and beyond to wow my couples. Now, I'm teaching you how to do the same.

    Over the past eight years, I've gathered all of my research and on-the-job learnings about creating a brilliant client experience, and distilled them into four, jam-packed pillars that are both universal and completely customizable. Join me for five weeks, as I draw on my decade of experience as an educator to help you transform how you serve your clients. This course uses proven educational strategies to help you retain the information and implement what you learn. I can't wait to share it all with you!

    And I can't wait to serve you!

    Before I went full time in my business, I taught high school history for a decade and even minored in secondary education in college. One of the first things I was taught as an education student was that people learn differently.

    While the content presented in that PowerPoint deck may be amazing, most students won't remember more than a few big takeaways. You're losing out - not because the content isn't valuable - but because it isn't being taught in the best possible way to ensure your success.

    Do you want to know the secret to retaining knowledge? First, the material must be presented in multiple ways. Next, it must be practiced by the student. Finally, the material must be applied in a real world scenario. 

    When you enroll in The Wedding Client Experience Academy, you're receiving engaging material in a fresh, educationally-sound way. Yes, there will still be a few videos to watch, but it doesn't stop there. Enjoy podcast-style audio clips, succinct readings, brainstorming prompts, and clear guidelines for implementation woven throughout the course. I'm dedicated to ensuring you not only learn the material, but you also use it to transform your client experience and see real results in your business.

    So why is it that most online courses are tailored to one type of learner?

    We each learn and retain information differently.

    I Loved how it was delivered over five weeks! It gave me time to digest the material and make time to implement the content. The most beneficial aspect of the course was brainstorming how to apply the day's lessons in my business, and Lynne provided great examples or questions to make it easy to implement.

    no matter which type of learner you are, each lesson has something for you.

    1) Write about a time you experienced a "no one else moment" as a customer. How did this experience make you feel about the business that provided it?

    2) What is unique about you and your business that can be turned into a "no one else moment" for your clients?

    Schedule time in your calendar this week to:
       + further define your "no one else moments"
       + list out the steps and acquire the resources required to implement the moments
       + add the moments into your wedding workflow 
       + post your progress in the Client Experience Academy Facebook Group

    Read a succinct overview of what a "no one else" moment is, why these moments are so rare, and why they make such a lasting impact on clients and the businesses who create them.

    Hear Lynne share a "no one else moment" that's stuck with her for years and how this experience inspired her to incorporate these into her own business. Then learn the step-by-step system to identifying, creating, and implementing "no one else moments" in your own business.

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    the 4 pillars of client experience

    Pillar 4: Education

    > Position yourself as a reliable, industry expert with a wealth of knowledge to share.

    > Identify ways to go above and beyond, saving your clients time and making their lives easier...all without making your own life harder.

    > Harness the power of "no one else" moments, giving your couples amazing stories to share with all their friends and family.

    > Attract your ideal client without spending ad dollars.

    > Implement five simple strategies for educating your current clients and the clients who haven't even booked you yet.

    > Create your personalized, repeatable system for answering your clients' questions, before they even think of them.

    Here's a sneak peek at the course syllabus.

    Pillar 3:
    being a resource

    Pillar 2: Appreciation

    > Start using the Ps + Q of Communication (Hint: There are 3 Ps and 1 Q.).

    > Identify opportunities for additional client touch points. 

    > Build a system to ensure consistent quality for every couple.

    > Clarify your boundaries and set clear expectations for client relationships from the start.

    > Use appreciation anchors in your workflow to wow couples.

    > Unleash the power of a service mindset.

    > Create clear, on-brand strategies for surprising and delighting your couples without having to invest more of your hard-earned money.

    Pillar 1: Communication


    During the five-week program, you will be welcomed as a member of a private Facebook group, where this community will have the opportunity to ask questions, share success stories, and cheer each other on. Each week, I'll pop in for a live Q+A session, share implementation tips, and create strategic threads for you to post about your progress. In addition, the Facebook group will facilitate brainstorming sessions for every lesson, where we will all benefit from the unique viewpoint, experiences, and creativity of this diverse cohort! Learn and grow alongside other students who each care as deeply as you do about serving clients in the best possible way. 

    bonus community & group coaching


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