I'm an educator-turned photographer with over a decade of experience in the wedding industry. I love combining my passions for education and weddings as an industry speaker. I'm always up for an opportunity to share actionable advice and tangible tips that will help wedding pros build sustainable businesses. Over the last few years I've:

national conferences - regional chapter meetings - virtual webinars - podcast interviews

-taken the stage at Wedding MBA to share sales techniques with photographers
-unlocked the psychology of price for virtual summit attendees
-shared insights as a guest on more than 20 podcasts
-facilitated interactive workshops on the power of peak moments & flat lay styling
-led webinars for NACE National and All Seated Exvo
-spoken at ILEA Boston's local chapter meeting

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  • The Psychology of Price: 7 Tips To Make Your Pricing More Persuasive

  • The Power of Creating Peak Moments as a Creative

  • Cultivating Comfort: The Key to Impeccable Client Experience

  • Mentorships, Coaching, Advice: How to provide support in the industry

  • Get It Done: Effective Goal-Setting for Strategic Business Growth (offered Dec-Feb)


"I recently attended the Cultivating Client Comfort webinar presented by Lynne Reznick. Lynne is engaging, authentic, and energetic. This was a very relevant topic, and most importantly her content resonated really well with our industry. She is invested in the experience of our (wedding) clients and passionate about showing appreciation to them. I truly enjoyed the discussion. She offered great ideas..."

-Liz, NACE National Webinar Attendee

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“Of the presentations that I viewed, this has been the most valuable one! Thank you!”—Kathy, Sugar Pear Design

“I loved loved loved this session!! Focusing on small but important details with evidence-based, highly actionable tips. And all really well-explained!” —Krista

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podcast guest

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I adore dishing with my peers on their podcasts and serving up valuable content and tangible tips for their audiences! 

I'm an ESFJ - which means I'm outgoing, value practical advice, and love helping others - and these qualities make me a great podcast guest (if I do say so myself!).

Curious to hear me in action? Here are a few of my favorite podcast appearances for you check out:

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