Pick A Place With Meaning

Whether it’s going back to the site of your first date, or a place you love to visit together, choosing a spot that is sentimental to you will make you even more comfortable and make the photos even more special. 

Sarah and Brian got engaged at a vineyard and one of their favorite date nights was going to vineyards around CT and doing wine tastings or sitting with a picnic dinner overlooking the grounds. So Gouveia Vineyards was the perfect spot full of meaning and memories of great dates together for them to hold their fall engagement session. And the scenery was pretty amazing too!

Consider Time Of Day

Maybe your favorite place in the city is also popular with tourists?! Beat the crowds by planning a sunrise session. Or maybe sunset is amazing at your favorite beach so you’ll want to plan to catch that gorgeous light later in the evening.

Meagen and Robb loved sailing together and actually belonged to a sailing club in East Boston. So we ended their session at dusk at the sailing club. By waiting until dusk, we really got to capitalize on the gorgeous Boston city skyline as the lights in the building started to glow in the low light. It would have been beautiful to be there in the sunshine of the day as well, but the evening added an extra special warmth and glimmer to the photo. And the club was closing right around the time we were there, but they knew the couple so they let us stay a bit later, and we had the place to ourselves for uninterrupted views!

Be True To Your Style

You want to feel comfortable during your session so that you can focus on each other. Pick something true to your style. If you’re a casual chic kind of couple, stick to that look. If you love to dress up, thats great too! Just don’t get really dressed up because you think it’s expected. The only thing expected is that you be totally in love with each other.

Ben and Jill enjoy dressing up and Ben especially loves a great hat! So they went with a slightly dressed up look for their session. What was key was that they both were still relaxed and natural in the pieces they chose so they were comfortable and natural during their photos!

Trust Your Photographer

You hired them for their expertise, so have faith in their creative vision, even if it seems unconventional at the time. Trust me, the photos will be amazing, and the magic will be there.  

Kelsey and Jeremy were so sweet together and we walked around Boston hitting some fun spots for their engagement session. I love this photo because of the way they’re looking into each other’s eyes and for how genuine their smiles are. And I love the character of the amazing North End buildings in the background. To get this photo and be able to crop out some ugly fencing and most of the cars parked on the side of the road, I asked Kelsey and Jeremy to climb on top of a picnic table and snuggle together in the middle of a public square. And they never batted an eye – they jumped right up, cuddled together, and trusted that I has a vision for a great photo. It’s one of my favorites from their session! 

If you’re engaged and you’re psyched to do an engagement session, but you just don’t quite know where to have your photos taken – check out the free worksheet I put together to help my couples come up with the spot that will be perfect for them! 


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