A first look is simply a coordinated reveal where you see each other for the first time on your wedding day before the ceremony. It’s a private between the two of you, except that your  photographers will be there to capture the sweet emotional moments surrounding the reveal. But a first look may not be for every couple, and whether or not you decide to do one on your wedding day is completely up to you!

Below are a few reasons why I love a first look:


1. You have a private reveal, which offers you both the chance to slow down and be together virtually alone, one of the only times this will happen on your wedding day.

2. You can eliminate some of the nervous tension and butterflies prior to the ceremony and be more openly emotional than if you’re in front of your guests when you see each other for the first time and you get to be together for a whole lot more of your wedding day.

3. You have the opportunity to take photographs in beautiful natural light in the locations you want – without the worry of the sun setting too soon after your ceremony. This also prevents the rush or potential sacrifice of the photos you wanted to have taken outside.

4. Your bridal party can join you after 10-15 minutes to take all of your formal bridal  party portraits. This allows you to attend cocktail and enjoy every second of your reception with your guests!

wedding planning: why you'll love a first look

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