Block Island was the perfect spot for Margaret and David’s engagement session this summer! And it was extra special because Scott was able to come along as my assistant for the day! Margaret and David have a similar core love story to Scott and me that made it feel like we were old friends right away. They’re college sweethearts who met for the first time at Bucknell. They met and started dating sophomore year and have been together ever since. And similar to Scott proposing to me on a hike in Yosemite, their proposal story involves a tough hike up a mountain! These two share a love for adventure and nature. They’re getting married in the Catskills in June and their wedding is sure to encapsulate their fun-loving adventurous spirits in the beautiful mountain setting.

Margaret & David’s Proposal Story

Margaret had no idea the proposal was coming so David gets points right away for keeping it a total surprise. This is especially true because he asked her parents for permission a month beforehand and they ALL did a good job of keeping the secret and playing it cool! To make sure he got a ring Margaret would love, David spoke to her best friend secretly about the kind of ring she wanted and went ring shopping without her knowing. Then, he planned the proposal itself for a time when they were in upstate NY together. They often hike together and went on one of Margaret’s favorite hikes that day. She describes the hike as a hard one: “like a stair master for two hours.” But it’s one of her favorites because of the view you’re rewarded with at the top. David even managed to sneakily set up his phone to record video of the proposal when they got to the top and pulled out a bottle of champagne to celebrate together before heading back down the mountain. With no cell service and a great view, they got to soak in a few quiet moments before sharing the exciting news with Margaret’s family and celebrating over dinner with everyone.

 engagement ring

Block Island Engagement Session

Margaret and David moved to CA this summer and decided they definitely wanted to do an engagement session in the last few weeks before they were set to move. So it was perfect that we were able to meet on Block Island – an island they’ve visited with David’s parents before and one they enjoy together as a couple – for their session before they moved! We had a beautiful summer day without a cloud in the sky and we spent a little over two hours exploring a few different parts of the island together. I did some research before the session to ensure we would be on a beach facing in the right direction to harness the sunlight – knowing we’d be shooting in the middle of the day. Luckily, the Mohegan Bluffs are AMAZING and face South so we got sand and surf in the photos as Margaret and Dave snuggled and dipped their toes in the water.

David is easy-going and a little goofy and he’s constantly getting Margaret smiling and laughing. The wind was strong down on the beach and at one point I asked David to tuck a piece of Margaret’s hair back into place. The resulting set of photos (see below!) are hilarious as he takes an open palm and wipes it across her cheek! Not really having ever been asked to tuck her hair behind her ear before, his first impulse in the moment was hilarious and had us all laughing! The jokes and laughter didn’t stop all day long. And how pretty is Margaret’s dress?! LOVE!

Then we headed to the lighthouse on the south side of the island to tuck into a path full of lush greenery, before heading to the iconic Springhouse. At Springhouse Margaret changed outfits and they spent some time snuggling in the shade before ending with portraits on the Springhouse lawn. These two are SO photogenic and sweet together.

After our session, Margaret and Dave had to head back to the mainland, but Scott and I had the rest of the afternoon to relax before catching the ferry home. We had lunch at Springhouse and enjoyed the perfect weather and outdoor cafe. It was such a great day! It was so lovely getting to know these two and spend time exploring the island with them. I’m so looking forward to their wedding in June!



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