Dounia and Greg celebrated their first anniversary with a couples portrait session at the JFK Library in Boston. I thought this session was a perfect one to ring in the new year with because it’s an anniversary session. By its very nature it honors the passing of a year in the lives of two soulmates and marks the start of another year to come. What better way to send off 2019 and welcome 2020 than with a couple in love, dressed in their finest, popping champagne to celebrate their love and their first year married?!

The JFK Library

Not only did they decide to take photos together, they went for a fancy black tie look! Greg looked dapper in his tuxedo and Dounia was beyond stunning in a black floor length beaded gown. As we planned for their session, Dounia shared how much she loved the modern clean lines and crisp minimalist backdrop that the JFK Library offered for their session. I was in total agreement and also love that the spot is kind of a hidden gem – as most couples opt for a session somewhere closer to downtown Boston. We had the place virtually to ourselves for their entire session and they absolutely rocked it!

Black Tie Couples Portrait Session

In planning, I suggested to Dounia that she and Greg may want to bring a bottle of bubbles along for the end of the session to get some fun shots of them toasting to their anniversary. She ran with the idea and they came prepared with a bottle of champagne and the champagne flutes they used on their wedding day! So the toast was fun and a bit sentimental – two of my favorite things!

This session is definitely one of my favorites because Dounia and Greg found a way to be fully themselves and honor their own unique taste and love story, while still having a Boston portrait session. The JFK Library is an iconic building and unmistakably part of the Boston landscape, while it also provides one of the most modern and clean looks you can find in the city. And I love that they decided to dress up in full black tie regalia! They looked great and felt great and it showed in the photos! I’m so looking forward to a 2020 full of weddings, engagements, and anniversaries that are unique, beautiful, and sentimental. When those three things come together – magic is made.

Happy New Year! XO

Cheers to a wonderful first year married, Dounia & Greg! Cheers to your love lasting lifetime!

And cheers to a year of possibilities opening up, love to be shared, and memories to be made in 2020! XO


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