Anita and Dan’s Charles River Esplanade engagement session took place at sunrise one morning this past June. It was a clear morning with gorgeous light spilling through the trees and rising over the river as we started their session. As the morning progressed, we crossed Beacon Street and stopped for a few photos is one my favorite nooks in the Boston Public Garden before ending our session on the lush greenway of the Comm Ave Mall. After their session, I decided that I needed to add the Esplanade to my list of the Best Boston Engagement Session Locations!

I loved getting together bright and early on the Charles River Esplanade for Anita & Dan’s engagement session because I got to see their love first hand. They are seriously SO CUTE together! They each exude a quiet confidence that makes them instantly likable and they simply fit together perfectly. Dan is great at making Anita laugh and he can’t help but smile whenever he looks at her. They were at ease throughout our time together as they snuggled up and strolled the quiet park paths that morning and their love and playfulness shines through in their photos.


Calm In The Midst of Covid-19

Anita & Dan originally planned to hold their wedding in just a few days, on August 16, 2020. As we connected throughout the year to plan and talk through their schedule and their vision for the day, it became clear that Covid-19 would force them to change their plans. So, instead of a large celebration in just a couple weeks, they’ll be getting married in a small city hall ceremony. Then next spring they’ll hold their large celebration with family and friends. Throughout the entire planning process, Anita & Dan have stayed grounded and calm. I’m sure they felt some disappointment with having to postpone, but whenever we spoke, I was always impressed by Anita’s positive outlook. These two are so wonderful – I simply can’t wait for next year and I’m so excited to continue to connect throughout the coming months as we prep for their new wedding date.


Charles River Esplanade Engagement on Film

As a final note, I have to share that I was also really excited to shoot hybrid for their engagement session. This means that I shot both digital images and 35mm film images. It was one of my first engagement sessions shooting hybrid and I’m really happy with the way the film came out. You’ll see a mixture of film and digital images below and I hope you love them all as much as I do!


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