Toasts are such a special tradition on the wedding day. They often lead to amazing candid moments of laughter and tears as stories are shared about how wonderful the couple is.

But toasts can also get cringe-worthy. Just read through a few of the real-life horror stories shared in this Glamour article to see what I mean!

On the flip side, I’ve teared up as a sister shared sweet and funny memories of life lived with her best friend, who just so happened to also be her twin. I’ve seen Dad’s choke up as they welcome their new son or daughter-in-law to the family. And I’ve seen rooms erupt in laughter as a best man shared hilarious yet heartwarming stories of college high jinks that all led to the groom finding his soulmate.

To make sure your toast ends up memorable for all of the right reasons, consider these 10 tips for a great wedding toast before you start writing!

1. Three to five minutes is the ideal time to aim for and it goes faster than you think. Make sure to time yourself practicing the speech out loud to ensure you don’t go on too long. Practicing out loud will help you give a smooth delivery on the wedding day, too!

2. It’s tempting to store your speech on your phone, but the glow of your phone screen detracts from the moment. The small screen often proves hard to read while you’re trying to deliver your speech as well. Go for a more timeless approach instead and write or print out your speech on paper.

3. Highlight how wonderful your bestie is while avoiding inside jokes. Inside jokes fall flat with anyone who isn’t on the inside – and that will be most of the guests listening.

4. Stories and anecdotes of specific memories will help bring your speech to life. Plus, stories make your speech personal to you and to your BFF.

5. Begin with a focus on your BFF and transition to their strengths as a couple for the second half.

6. Remember that jokes are great, but your goal is to celebrate the couple, not roast them.

7. Stand out by avoiding gimmicks and commonly used jokes. If it shows up on page one of google when you search for ideas – it’s probably not personal enough to use!

8. Don’t be afraid of getting emotional and sentimental – this is exactly the right moment for that kind of genuine emotion.

9. Don’t forget to end your speech by asking everyone to raise a glass and actually toast the newlyweds.

10. Go easy on the drinks until after your speech is done. This way, you can be sure to deliver your toast exactly how you planned.

wedding guests clinking glasses after a great wedding toast

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