Not every photographer invests in the art of styling, but I believe that photographing your personal details through fine art flat lay images is an essential part of telling your wedding day story. Flat lays are not candid or strictly “true to life” images, and they can sometimes miss the mark if they include too many props unrelated to the couple. However, when done right, flat lays add a foundational piece to your wedding gallery.

The Storytelling Power of Flat Lays

Flat lays, when thoughtfully crafted, help to tell the full story of your wedding day. They highlight the carefully curated details you spent so much time and effort choosing. These images serve as beautiful linking elements, piecing together the patchwork of your day’s events into a unified narrative of love, celebration, and design. Alongside moments, portraits, and candids, flat lays capture the heart of who you are as a couple and what your wedding felt like.

nautical stationery is accented by blooms and trinkets by Boston wedding photographer

The small, round dish holding the stamps was my only contribution to this image. That stunning suite, even the oyster shell dish and dark blue ring box, were provided by Ana & Drew.

Mastering Composition and Design

To create visually compelling flat lays, I’ve dedicated significant time to mastering the nuances of composition and design. I’ve curated a collection of treasures, including ring boxes and trinket dishes, that help transform your invitation suite, personal details, and day-of paper goods into beautiful images. The key is using these treasures sparingly, focusing on items that truly represent you.

bridal flowers add interest to details of wedding accessories by Lynne Reznick Photography

This was all Liz and her beautiful bridal details and flowers!

Incorporating Personal Touches

I always suggest working with your florist to request a few loose blooms be delivered to your suite when I arrive. Fresh flowers add soft, textural interest to the images. More importantly, they are the same blooms that you’ll wear in a boutonniere, carry in your bouquet, and see decorating your reception tables and ceremony space. This helps to seamlessly visually tie your detail images into the rest of your wedding day.

gold details elevate invitation suite fort this fine art flat lay

I added the white trinket dish, gold flower, and vintage stamps from my collection of treasures to elevate this flat lay. They beautifully accented the gorgeous stationery.

A Thoughtful Collection

The result, I hope, is a set of flat lay detail photos that beautifully represent you and your celebration. These images, intentionally curated and styled, add depth and richness to your wedding gallery. They are not just pretty pictures; they are a testament to your unique style and the love you share.

bridal details including heels, earrings, and jewelry are displayed by Boston wedding photographer

I added the ring box to show off Steph’s engagement ring. The rest are her beautiful bridal details that she put on moments later.

By focusing on what matters most—your personal items and the meaningful details of your wedding day—fine art flat lay photography can truly enhance your wedding gallery. It’s all about capturing the little things that make your day uniquely yours.


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