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5 strategies to fill your calendar

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Booking your first clients is often the hardest hurdle to get over. From there, things will start to flow. But how do you find and book those first clients?

Inside the guide you'll find: The exact five strategies I used to build my own business when I was just starting out. Each strategy works and they're all simple enough for you to start implementing right now in your business. Download the guide and start filling your calendar with wedding bookings!

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Wedding expos are a great way to get your name out there and get in front of brides if you're newer to the wedding industry or branching out into a new city. To actually stand out and book couples, you need to go in with a plan, a special offer, a visually appealing booth, and so much more.

This guide walks you through everything you need to know before, during, and after the expo to help you connect with and book the couples you meet there.

-How to pick the right expo to invest in
-What you need for a booth that will attract passers-by
-How to craft a giveaway that brides will love
-What to invest in and what to skip so you get the best ROI
-How to follow up for the highest possible booking rate
-Detailed Wedding Expo Packing Checklist, and more!

How to book couples from a wedding expo

As wedding pros we know that one key to beautiful photos and lasting memories from a couple's wedding is to have an unplugged ceremony. Going unplugged invites guests to be fully present and leaves the aisle and sight lines clear for the pros to capture the first kiss and heartfelt vows. This guide will help you clearly share the value of an unplugged ceremony with your couples and provide them with the perfect wording to get their guests on board.

-Fully customizable Photoshop files so you can match your brand and easily swap in your own images (photoshop files only - not for use in InDesign)
-Three pages of content with a professional modern design 
-Professional copy that's ready for sharing 
-A clear explanation of what an unplugged wedding is and why it's great for couples
-Seven ideas to help couples tell their guests they're going unplugged

Unplugged Wedding ceremony EDITABLE TEMPLATE 

Personal referrals are the best form of marketing and hottest leads that can land in your inbox. But to get them, we have to provide a truly memorable experience in the best possible way. Crafting peak moments for your couples will let you do just that!

This 11-page guide explains what peak moments are and why they're powerful. Plus it walks you through the step-by-step process for creating your own unique memorable moments that will keep couples raving about you years later.

-Learn why peak moments leave such a so powerful impression on couples
-Real life examples from within the wedding industry and beyond 
-Blueprint for creating a system to consistently deliver your own unique peak moments that are aligned with your brand

Peak moments blueprint for wedding creatives







“There are five important things for living a successful and fulfilling life: never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and                               

― Roy Bennett

never stop learning."

  • Curate a unique brand-aligned client journey for your couples
  • Create systems and workflows that actually work for you
  • Attract ideal couples you love working with
  • Harness the power of psychology to consistently wow your couples 
  • Work smarter with templates and automations that still allow for a personal touch
  • Spoil your couples without spending lots of money

a client-centered approach to growing your business

Wedding Client Experience academy

This drip email course is not like any other you've taken before. I've harnessed all my educational training, as well as over a decade of industry experience to craft a unique learning experience based on four fundamental pillars, while also ensuring that every module is both easy-to-digest and brimming with tangible tips you can implement immediately in your own business. The result is a paced curriculum that helps you establish deeply rooted trust with your clients, streamline your systems and workflows, and empowers you to create bespoke moments for your couples.

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