Anyone who knows me knows that while I technically do not have children, I do consider myself a mom. I am the proud mommy to my 7 1/2 year old pug Milo. And just as every parent feels that they have the cutest kids, I am pretty certain that Milo is the CUTEST dog E-V-E-R! I have certainly taken enough pictures of him to warrant an award of some sort or at least fill a few albums with his adorable faces – complete with underbite, head-cock, curly tail, and large puppy eyes. He is my second favorite guy on the planet, second only to my absolutely amazing and supportive husband Scott!
Milo is such a sweet dog and such a comfort. What is the absolute best though is his unique personality – he has a favorite stuffed animal “rhino” that he gets and takes to bed every night, he is perfectly content when he is sitting curled up in the nook of your legs or next to you on the couch. He is never satisfied at simply being next to one of us if Scott and I are both sitting on the couch, it takes a matter of seconds before he tramples over us to sit right in the middle. He is a guard dog as long as no one actually comes into the house – then he just wants to give kisses. And my personal favorite – if you ask him “do you love me?” he always responds with a prompt lick to prove he does indeed love you! Sometimes, after a long day, all you need is to come home and experience unconditional love and have someone be happy you’re there – and I am one lucky girl because between Scott and Milo – I am one loved and blessed lady.




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