Four years ago today I said “I do” to my very best friend.

Warning: this post will be mushy and lovey and cheesy because that is still how I feel about my amazing husband.

Every time I think about our wedding day and the love we pledged to each other amongst our family and friends, I can’t help but get emotional and smile to myself. Seriously, as I wrote Scott a letter yesterday to include in his card, I had to take a break at one point because I was crying tears of happiness as I remembered our incredible wedding day and even more, our unbelievable love story. I feel as though I have known Scott forever, like it is was only some vague dream to have ever lived without him. This is true in part because we have been together for 10 years now (that’s right – one full third of my life has been spent by his side). And it is the absolute truth that he is the one person who knows me best in the world and understands me as completely as another person can, and who has chosen to love all of me and let me love all of him.

We are incredibly blessed to have found each other. People who know us well comment on how we are always together and “attached at the hip” and they want to know if we ever just get sick of each other. The truth is we love being “attached” and we pretty much never get sick of each other…ever (I told you it would get mushy!). I love Scott so very much. He is the shoulder I cry on when I can’t be brave and tough anymore, he is the goofball who can always make me laugh, he is my personal cheerleader and he believes in me and supports me and inspires me in ways I don’t even always realize until after the fact. The best part is that if you were to ask Scott, I am pretty sure he would tell you that I am all of those things for him too.

So this is post to celebrate our deep, emotional, mushy love story – the one that started over ten years ago, was reaffirmed four years ago, and is still going strong today! I love you Scott!

~Our wedding photo is by the fabulous Carla Teneyck~


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