Photography by Jasmine Balgobin

Photography by Jasmine Balgobin

This post is coming one day after our anniversary because I spent yesterday celebrating with Scott – just as we should have. We went for a walk with our pug and enjoyed a lovely dinner in downtown Boston. In between, we toasted our love with a glass of champagne and we exchanged thoughts that we had each taken the time to write to each other separately. 

I wrote Scott a letter about our journey so far and most of it is for his eyes only, but he won’t mind if I share a small portion about what I have learned over our years together: “And now, I know this much is true: real love is not easy. Real love takes work. Real love will consume you in very good ways and will make you a better version of yourself. Real love takes time and is made clear and strong through the tests and struggles of two people learning to be each other’ soul mates. Not soul mates in the easy love-at-first-site way, but soul mates in a way that makes both people feel safe, experience personal growth, and explore new sides of themselves that they never would have otherwise.”

But what Scott wrote to me trumps it all. He did not write a letter or even a poem. He wrote me a song. Yup. He wrote and then performed a song for me on the guitar. He is too shy to share, although I know how amazing it is and how moved everyone would be by it. But the title of the song is “Photographs of You” and he was inspired to write it by our very own love story as he looked back on our wedding album this week while I was away at a conference for work. All I can say is that the song and his singing it to me in our living room, surrounded by the things that represent the life we have built together, was nothing short of perfect. Six years married and over 13 years together, and we love each other more than ever.

How lucky are we? Cheers!


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