What exactly is an unplugged ceremony anyway? Well, it means that you want your family and friends to keep their phones and cameras packed away throughout the ceremony. Instead, you want them to be fully present and to share, without distraction, in your joy and love as you say “I do”. It means you want to see their faces smiling back, rather than their cell phones, as you walk down the aisle as a newly married couple.

What does this really mean for the couple getting married? Kirsten & Alex had an unplugged ceremony and what it meant for them was that as Kirsten walked down the aisle with her parents, she wasn’t met with phones and tablets recording her day, she was met with the love and smiling faces of those people most important to her. And as they had their first kiss, the photos were of the two of them and their guests lovingly looking on and supporting them, no phone screens glowing along the aisles or guests heads cutting off the photo as they tried to get their own photos or video.

What it means for your wedding guests is that they have permission. They have permission to be fully present. They have permission to focus on the love being shared and the marriage that is beginning. They have permission to celebrate with hugs and smiles and happy tears, rather than try to catch the first kiss on camera from 6 rows back.

And what it means for me as your photographer is that I get a clear view to all the amazing love and special moments that you have brought me there to capture. I’ll be able to deliver you every sweet moment of your ceremony without tiny pieces of technology creeping in to distract the eye. The photos will be all about you, your soulmate, your loved ones, and your vows to each other. That is why I love an unplugged ceremony.

For those nervous guests or the ones who really want to take photos, the reassurance that I’ll be there as a professional to capture every special moment can help them relax and feel comfortable with the concept. And of course, everyone wants to be able to share their excitement for your wedding with the world on social media – which is wonderful and I completely understand! So I always share a sneak peek from your wedding within 24 hours. That way, you have gorgeous images right away. And that fuzzy image where your eyes were closed, but it was the only shot your aunt got, doesn’t end up being the one that goes viral just because it was the only one posted! And this is just for the ceremony – so you can assure guests that there will be plenty of other opportunities for picture-taking throughout the day.

Are you sold on an unplugged ceremony?! Great! Now, how do you go about telling your loved ones? And just what should you say to share your unplugged message?

I have the perfect guide for you!

Inside are seven ideas for ways to set the expectation of unplugging with your guests. And you’ll also find examples of exactly what to say. Literally, you can copy and paste my wording or use my wording to inspire your own message.

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