There are few things to keep in mind when you’re choosing the spot to get ready that will ensure you, your family, and your bridesmaids are comfortable and can feel secure knowing the photos will be amazing. From your final make up touchups, to putting on your dress, to toasting with your bridal party, to reading the love notes you exchange before you head out to marry your soulmate, you want to be in a space that looks and feels great. So below are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect getting ready room.

Think Big

First, remember to go bigger than you think you need! The room you get ready in will fill up quickly with clothes, shoes, makeup, food and drinks, and people! With hotels, you can ask for adjoining rooms or a suite with multiple clearly defined spaces that will allow space for getting ready and lounging in comfort. Try to choose a space that is roomy and offers people plenty of spots to stash their things and to hang out while you’re all getting dolled up.

Wedding Planning Tips for choosing the perfect getting ready room

Seek Natural Light

Second, choosing a space with lots of natural light is always ideal for your photographer and for your makeup artist, not to mention being beautiful to hang out in. Seek out a space that has lots of windows or skylights. And if you’re prepping at a hotel, don’t be afraid to ask about getting a room that will have windows with great light specifically during the time of day you’re getting ready. For example, if you aren’t putting on your dress until 4pm, ask for a room with windows facing west.

Wedding Planning Tips for choosing the perfect getting ready room

Boston bride getting ready at The Taj Hotel for her wedding

Neutrals Are Nice

Finally, consider the colors on the walls when you choose your room. Lighter and more neutral colors are often best as they will reflect light and compliment your wedding colors no matter what your color scheme. Darker rooms with a bold paint color, while they can make for great atmosphere, will throw a color cast onto your skin and onto your clothes. So you’ll have a blue tone or a red tone that isn’t natural or flattering. Of course, your photographer can use flash and some other tricks to eliminate the color cast, but its preferable to not have to use a flash and become more invasive in your getting ready process because of it.

Wedding Planning Tips for choosing the perfect getting ready room

bride getting ready for her lakeview pavilion wedding in classic justin alexander gown and beaded belt

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