Gemma and Mickey waited an extra year for their classic Boston wedding because of Covid. And when the day arrived, Mother Nature had one more surprise in store: it rained. And I don’t mean a sprinkle here and there, I mean it poured cats-and-dogs amounts of rain all day long! That is, except for a brief 20-minute reprieve that was perfectly timed with the end of their ceremony and you better believe we took advantage of every minute!

BUT despite it all – despite the heavy rains, despite the fact that some of Mickey’s family were unable to attend because of travel restrictions between the US and Ireland, despite the fact that our outdoor portrait locations had to go unused, and even our outdoor rain locations were too wet to work, despite the fact that it was a record-setting low temp of 60 degrees on July 3rd – despite all of the curve balls, they were full of joy.

Gemma & Mickey had an incredible day because they smiled through it all and they focused on the joy felt from the loved ones who were there to celebrate their love. They focused on starting their marriage and they had the best time making the most of a day they had planned for years. I was so impressed and grateful for the grace and positivity that Gemma maintained all day long.

Gemma and I had worked closely together on her timeline, we scouted locations together, and she shared many details about important elements and details of the day with me. So I knew that she had her heart set on a sunny summer wedding and I felt for her when the forecast refused to improve and we knew the rain was going to stay. But she didn’t blink. She didn’t let it get to her at all and because of her determinedly positive attitude, the day was amazing.

I wish every bride could harness the joy and perspective that Gemma brought to the day – realizing it is the start of a marriage, not simply the culmination of a bunch of planning. I tell people that I have the best couples and I mean it. Gemma and Mickey’s rainy wedding day is a perfect example of the grounded, gracious, and joyful soulmates who make me fall in love with my job all over again every wedding day.

Preparations For a Classic Boston Wedding

One of the countless special things about the day was that Gemma got ready at her childhood home and Mickey got ready at the apartment he shares with Gemma. They were each surrounded by familiar and comfortable spaces that they were intimately familiar with. Both homes were full of photos and memories and it made the time of wedding day preparations feel relaxed and homey. Gemma’s bridesmaids wore pale blush dresses that were elegant and timeless. Her details included a gifted personalized bottle of champagne, a horseshoe for good luck, and her mother’s earrings. They exchanged notes and gifts before heading to the ceremony, each taking the opportunity to share a few private sentiments before they met in church to publicly declare their vows. Once ready, we took some portraits inside before heading around the corner to get them married!

Saint Gregory Parish Wedding Ceremony

Gemma walked down the aisle with her dad wearing a blusher, as well as her cathedral length veil. She removed the blusher once at the head of aisle and it was a great moment between her, her Dad, and Mickey. The ceremony was beautiful and thoughtful and included both Gemma and Mickey’s mom’s participating in the tradition of lighting the unity candle. After the ceremony we hung back in the empty church for some portraits, waiting to see if the rain would let up.

Classic Boston Wedding Portraits In Dorchester

Luckily the rain did ease for just enough time to squeeze in some portraits, umbrellas in hand, at the park across the street from the church. I always have a clear umbrella with me for my couples to use, just in case of inclement weather. But Gemma went even further once the weather forecast was looking rainy and bought enough for the entire wedding party to use. It turned out to be a great plan, as we trekked across the street to the park and used the clear umbrellas for some beautiful rainy wedding portraits. We were veen able to put them down for a few minutes and grab some without the umbrellas before the heaviest rains of the day cam back through. Luckily, we were already on our way to the Irish Cultural Center for the reception!

Once we arrived the reception, they really wanted a few photos near the entrance at a perfect little replica Irish cottage on the property. They didn’t let the rain deter them and these two were absolute troopers – posing for a few more couples portraits in the pouring rain. Mickey is such a gentlemen that I think he bore the brunt of the rain, working to keep Gemma as warm and as dry as possible. Luckily they were able to dry off and freshen up before joining their cocktail hour!

Irish Cultural Center Wedding Reception

The Cultural Center was another plan B that worked out beautifully. The permanent tent held up great in the rain and staff did a wonderful job of keeping everything warm and dry throughout the evening. In addition to chandeliers and bistro lights, the tent was draped in linens. Floral arrangements made the space inviting and intimate. Gemma’s dad made their one-of-a-king Irish cottage replica card box and they honored family with a table of photos beautifully displayed. After cocktail hour Gemma and Mickey were introduced into the reception along with their wedding party and went right into their first dance. Then they were surprised with a special dance performed by some young and talented Irish step dancers. After dinner and some lovely toasts to the bride and groom, guests danced the night away under the tent. Congratulations Gemma & Mickey! XO

Vendor Team:

Church: Saint Gregory Parish

Venue: Irish Cultural Centre

Hair: Olivia’s Hair Boutique

Makeup: Makeup By Celina

Flowers: Coleen’s Flower Shop

Catering/Rentals: Pranzi

Stationery: Minted

Transportation: Le Limo


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