Harnessing the power of no one else moments in your business will lead to happier clients and stronger referrals. Client experience is something we all think about as service-based professionals in the wedding industry. But as often as we create beautiful memories and gorgeous events, we can fall short of crafting truly impactful moments that leave an indelible mark. And that wow-factor is what can take our client experience from great to AMAZING.

So, what exactly is a no one else moment?

It’s a personalized experience that you deliver to your clients, timed around when it will be most impactful. And usually, it’s a surprise (And I talk a whole lot more about them in The Wedding Client Experience Academy)!

As wedding pros we do wonderful things all the time for our clients. We deliver high quality services and products, we are flexible with our hours, and generous with our time. And all of that leads to a great client experience. But, it is also expected – that we care and show it through the way we support and work with our couples. The power of no one else moments lies in the combination of being both personal and well-timed to make it memorable.

Two important keys to creating your own no one else moments:

  1. Make sure the surprise, service, or small gift you deliver to your couple matches the feel and vibe of your brand. If you have a soft and romantic brand that attracts low-key romantic couples, then choose an experience that will allow them to get romantic. If you have a bold brand with couples who love to laugh, find a way to get them laughing together.
  2. Choose your moment wisely. Couples tend to remember the start and end of a working relationship, so surprising them right after they book you or creating a special moment out of the delivery of your final product is a great way to capitalize on moments that they already tend to remember well. Another option is to think about when or why they are the most stressed and find a way to relieve that stress.

Ready for more?

Are you loving this idea but want examples and more ideas on exactly how to create no one else moments for your couples?

During my conversation with Brandee Gaar, all about the power of no one else moments, I share several examples from within the wedding industry and beyond, and I walk step-by-step through how to come up with your own no one else moments to fit your brand and your clients. Head to her podcast and give it a listen!

And check out The Wedding Client Experience Academy and get on the waitlist because we’re launching again in December, but waitlist members get early access and a steep discount!

I poured my heart and all of my know-how about crafting an impeccable client experience into this course. Over ten lessons we dig into the four pillars you need to elevate the way you serve your clients and create a system to ensure every couple gets the same high-quality from you that will make them want to shout your name from the rooftops. And yes, we go even deeper into no one else moments, along with so much more! You can read about the four pillars, see a sample lesson excerpt, and get on the waitlist here: The Wedding Client Experience Academy.

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