So, you’ve signed up to have a booth at a wedding expo, now what? I want to share some wedding expo essentials for the best ROI. The whole goal of going to a bridal show is to expand your brand awareness, get new leads, and convert to paying customers. Shows can be a big investment, and can also lead to major business growth.

But it’s important to keep in mind that wedding expos are not right for every business model. Luxury services tend not have as much success booking couples at a wedding expo, and thus tend not to produce a strong ROI. But expos can be a powerful booking tool for the right creative at the right time in their business.

Here are some wedding expo essentials for the best ROI: 

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First you have to consider the challenges of Expos: you need to stand out, get contact info of attendees, create meaningful connections with leads, and eventually convert into bookings. 

To stand out, you need to get clear on your brand and the experience you want your potential client to have of your brand. Design your booth and presentation with this in mind. 

For contact info, I recommend having a digital sign up sheet (you can use a QR code to make things easy). Remember to collect email addresses! And have it automatically linked to your email mailing list so they receive future communication from you as well. 

To create meaningful connections, make sure you are displaying the kind of work you want to book! And take the time to talk to customers & ask them questions about their love story and the wedding they’re planning. Don’t forget to speak to all the people present – not just the bride. While brides are often the main audience for expos, that is not always the case and you want to treat all people as equally valued in the process. 

Converting into bookings can take time, so I recommend having an automated set of 2-3 emails that goes out to everyone who signed up that day with a special code or incentive to start the process. 

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Some important notes to remember as you prepare your first booth: 

  • Be Inclusive: from the images you display to the forms you ask engaged couples to fill out, make sure to err on the side of inclusivity. It’s true most of your customers will be brides, but respecting gender fluidity and sexual preference is important. Swap out words like “Bride” and “Groom” for “Your Partner’s Name” etc. I personally loved asking for “Your Soulmate’s Name”. 
  • Create a Large Banner with Your Company’s Name: expos are an assault on the senses, so it’s important your business name is clear & obvious. If not, your potential clients will completely miss your name/business in the hustle. 
  • Stand In Front of Your Booth: nothing conveys a negative impression more than passively sitting behind your booth waiting for people to come talk to you. Get out in front, wear a nametag, and engage with people as they pass by! They especially like to know they have the attention of the owner! Keep smiling, actively making eye contact and introduce yourself to people walking by. 
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If you’re interested on more tips & tricks, I created a guide all about wedding expo essentials for the best ROI! I love being able to offer this resource to up & coming wedding vendors. It goes over things like picking the best expo & how much to spend on your booth. It even includes a packing list I curated from my experience at expos. Scroll down & click the link to purchase!

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Guide for Wedding Professionals:


(Click on “Digital Shop” to be directed to the guide)

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That’s it! Thanks for reading all about the wedding expo essentials for the best ROI. I have seen how beneficial bridal shows can be, and I am happy to share that knowledge here. If you want more tips & tricks for photographers, you can access all my resources HERE.

  1. Hi Lynne, Do you have any advice for throwing a bridal show at my venue? I’m working on a business plan now and wondering what a reasonable ROI is for such an event.
    Thank you,

  2. Julie Williams says:

    I am doing a upcoming wedding expo (my first). I am a travel agent. Any ideas?

  3. I am doing a upcoming wedding expo (my first). I am a travel agent. Any ideas?


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