Flowers are a big investment but they also make a big impact and today we’ll dive into how to get more out of your wedding flowers. Instead of discarding the ceremony flowers after you’ve said “I do,” you can repurpose them for immediate use at the reception.

Repurposing flowers helps create a cohesive aesthetic throughout your wedding day. You’ll also double your “wow-factor” in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Gotta love beauty with a purpose, right?!

Ceremony Arch

Use the ceremony arch flowers as a backdrop for the sweetheart table or place them near the guest book. The head table/sweetheart table will be photographed quite a bit through toasts. So, it’s a great opportunity to capture the florals in photos again as well.

get the most out of flowers at your wedding by reusing ceremony arch at sweetheart table

Aisle Arrangements

Pretty up the stage in front of the band, or add a pop to the head table, with flowers from the ceremony aisle. This works best with floral arrangements that sit on the ground for an easy transition.

how to get the most out of your wedding flowers


Incorporate bouquets into the tabletop decor by including matching vases for them. Have wedding party members place their bouquets into the vases for the reception. Or you can simply lay them down with the blooms facing out. This trick works especially well for the escort card, cake, and gift tables.

wedding bouquets repurposed to decorate cake table

These are just a few options of many. Work closely with your florist to help you get the most out of your wedding flowers. They’ll have agreat ideas for how you can repurpose and reuse the gorgeous installations from your ceremony into other elements of the day.

And don’t forget about after the wedding day, too. There are some wonderful organizations that will refresh and share your flowers with people who are hospitalized or the elderly to brighten their day. One such organization is Flower Angels right in MA.

Shoutout to the wonderful florists who made these dreamy wedding blooms come to life:

1) Primrose Floral

2) Audrey’s Flower Shop

2) Orly Khon Floral

3) Bittersweet Gardens

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