Summer wedding photography is often as hot as it is fun. You’ll want to make sure that you plan ahead to beat the heat. Check out these six tips for looking photo ready and feeling great all day long.

1) Get ready in a room with plenty of space & good air conditioning 

You’ll want to close the shades to keep it cool, but plan on your photographer (Hi, It’s me!) letting the light in when they arrive. The best way to keep your morning routine cool is to ensure you aren’t crammed into a small space and that you have the AC going from early on in the morning. This way, it will stay comfortable even with beautiful natural light coming in the windows. Don’t be shy about asking your hotel about their AC before you commit!

2) Cushion your timeline to avoid stress during wedding photography

We get hot and sweaty when we stress and weddings are already days full of heightened emotions. So make sure you’ve worked with your vendor team to schedule in cushions of time throughout the day. It’s always better to be relaxed and calm and present in the day without worrying about the time, and now we can add staying cool to that list of benefits!

summer wedding tips to beat the heat

3) Pack blotting strips and handkerchiefs

With heat and humidity comes shine. To avoid smearing makeup and glistening in a way you don’t love, blotting strips are perfect. They’re small and easy for a wedding party member to carry in their purse or pocket and you dab them on your face instead of wipe, so they keep your makeup in place while battling shine. For anyone who isn’t worried about makeup, a good old-fashioned handkerchief is a great way battle sweat and shine, too. I love these blotting strips for hot summer wedding days.

4) Summer weddings mean it’s a good idea to bring an extra shirt 

Wearing a lightweight dress in the summer is better for the heat and humidity than having to layer on a full suit or tuxedo. In unforgiving heat it’s inevitable that anyone in a suit will sweat and may sweat right through their shirt. To avoid the wet patches and general discomfort of a sweaty suit, pack an extra shirt. After portraits or the ceremony as you transition to cocktail hour, you can change and feel good as new! Remember that this also helps with summer wedding photography, because if you see the sweat on your shirt or suit, the camera will too!

summer wedding ceremony photography tips

5) As needed, duck into a cool place between photos 

This might be your venue or the hotel, but it can also mean sticking close to the bus if you’re in a public locale. This way family can hop back on board and cool off while wedding party photos happen and vice versa. And of course, with some extra time cushioned in – the couple can hop on and cool off between portraits as well.

6) Don’t forget to drink water 

Staying hydrated means staying healthy and happy all day long! Stock up on water bottles and make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day so you can keep the party going late into the evening.

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