I’m sharing some winter engagement session tips today because these cold and often snowy sessions are magical! But the cold and snow, can really put a damper on your mood or ruin your shoes if you aren’t prepared. Some key elements include planning ahead, packing warm layers, and picking your location wisely! Below are six tips for making sure you’re prepared for the cold and trekking through snow, while also looking fabulous. Let’s get to the good stuff!

Six Winter Engagement Session Tips

1) Bring cute shoes you for photos, but wear boots and a warm coat! It makes a lot of sense to bring along a great pair of heels or cute flats for your photos. We’ll do some adventuring as we move from spot to spot and for those times you’ll want warm fuzzy boots. Same goes for your outfit. You can easily remove a thick winter coat for photos, and you’ll be so glad you have it between shots. Of course, a tailored warm winter coat can also be perfect for the photos too and then you don’t ever need to take it off!

2) If it’s actively snowing, use an umbrella to protect your hair between photos. This is a simple and easy way to keep your locks looking their best and prevent snowflakes from melting in your lashes.

3) Guys, I have a winter engagement session tip for you, too! Be sure to wear layers and pick a winter coat that matches the vibe of your session. A great option is a thick sweater layered under a classic trench style coat. This way you get a great diversity of looks: you can wear it open or closed and take it off for some photos in your sweater as well. Also consider a scarf to dress up your look and keep you warm.

winter engagement session tips for north end engagement with warm coats and bright mittens

4) Be mindful of your location for photos. Winter means that the grass will be brown and there won’t be any leaves on the trees. This means choosing a park will often lead to gray and dreary pictures. Instead, opt for a city session where you can stroll cute streets and use the architecture as a backdrop. Another great option is along a river, lake, or harbor. Water is always beautiful and choosing a body of water with some protection from winter winds is key. If you really don’t want to be in a city, find an arboretum or area with evergreens. This way you still get a pop of green on the trees. For example, The Arnold Arboretum in Boston has one area full of evergreens – where the image below was created in the middle of February!

winter engagement session tips couple at arboretum in front of evergreen trees

5) Bring along hand warmers to stick inside your coat pockets and consider ending your session with some cute winter props that can serve as a way to warm up as well. Think about bringing a thermos of hot cocoa and two mugs for a toast. Or maybe pack a blanket big enough for both of you to wrap up in for extra cozy images.

6) Snuggle Up! Staying close, holding hands as you walk to new locations, and wrapping up in each other will help you stay warm and make for amazing photos!

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